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1993〜1997 (第1回~第8回定期)

1998〜2001 (第9回~第16回定期)

2002〜2004 (第17回~第22回定期)

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2008〜2011 (第30回~第36回定期)

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2015〜        (第44回〜  )


1993〜1997 (the1st~the8th)  

1998〜2001 (the9th~the16th)  

2002〜2004 (the17th~the22nd)

2005〜2008 (the23rd~the29th)

2008〜2011 (the30th~the36th)

2012〜2015 (the37th~the43rd)   

2015〜       (the44th~ )  

The 44th Subscription Concert 2015.12.12.

Conductor:Tatsuya Shimono, / Music Director

Morton Gould (arr. Philip Lang): American Salute

Mark Camphouse: A Movement for Rosa

André Previn: Music for Wind Orchestra (No Strings Attached) (2014)

[Commissioned by The Eastman Wind Ensemble, Mark Scatterday, Conductor, with a consortium of 22 partners including Hiroshima Wind Orchestra, Tatsuya Shimono, Music Director / Japanese premiere]


Ⅱ Slow

Ⅲ Fast

James Barnes: Symphonic Requiem (Seventh Symphony) op.135

Ⅰ Prologue – The Hornet’s Nest (Shiloh, April 1862)

ⅡMarye’s Heights (Fredericksburg, December 1862)

ⅢLongstreet’s Assault (The Third Day at Gettysburg, July 1863)

ⅣApotheosis (Appomattox, 1865)



The 45th Subscription Concert 2016.4.28.

Conductor:Tatsuya Shimono, / Music Director

Hiroshi Hoshina: Symphonic Movement for wind orchestra (revised version) (1972/1999)

Bin Kaneda: Ah! (1985) 

Hiroshi Hoshina: Lamentation to – (Theme and Variations) (1999)

Hiroshi Hoshina: Symphony No.2 (2016) [Commissioned by Hiroshima Wind Orchestra / World premiere] 




The 46th Subscription Concert 2016.11.12.

Conductor:Kazuyoshi Akiyama

Claude T. Smith:Variations on a Hymn by Louis Bourgeoi(s 1984) 

Alfred Reed:Passacaglia for concert band(1967) 

Joseph Schwantner:And the mountains rising nowhere(1977) 

David Maslanka:Symphony No.4 for symphonic wind ensemble(1993) 




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