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1999年第11回定期演奏会が世界音楽祭“オーガスト・イン・ヒロシマ”の一環公演となる。2003年吹奏楽名曲集「バンド・クラシックス・ライブラリー」(ブレーンミュージック)の第1弾CD「春の猟犬」が発売、このシリーズは2009年までに全12弾が製作され、現在も販売中のロングセラーとなる。結成10周年記念第20回定期演奏会ではユニセフ難民救済チャリティー募金事業を行う。2011年 下野竜也が音楽監督に就任。“邦人作品”・“芸術性を追求した吹奏楽”を核とした意欲的なプログラミングが始まる。下野&HWO初となるCD「兼田敏ウインドオーケストラのための交響曲」はレコード芸術誌の特選盤として話題を集め、音楽の友社第49回「レコード・アカデミー賞 特別部門 吹奏楽」を受賞。日本管打・吹奏楽会第23回アカデミー賞(演奏部門)、第35回広島文化賞、2014年度広島市民賞を受賞。しなやかで美しいサウンドと意欲的なプログラムが各方面から注目を集め、吹奏楽の新たな可能性を感じさせるプロフェッショナル吹奏楽団として、さらなる躍進を続けている。

Hiroshima Wind Orchestra 

Hiroshima Wind Orchestra (HWO) was formed in 1993 by professional musicians in Hiroshima to share the splendor of wind music and to spread the message of peace through music. HWO performed its 1st regular concert in October of the same year. Since then, HWO has held two regular concerts annually, and has continued to expand its activities through local events such as school concerts and public concerts. The orchestra has also accepted requests to perform at events both inside and outside of Hiroshima Prefecture. The 11th regular concert in 1999 was performed as part of the "August in Hiroshima" World Music Festival. In 2003, HWO released "The Hounds of Spring", the first CD in its Band Classics Library (Brain Music) series. This long-selling series is still available today, and includes a total of 12 CDs produced through 2009. During its 20th regular concert, which also marked the orchestra's 10th anniversary, HWO held a UNICEF Charity Event for Refugees. In 2011, Tatsuya Shimono became the orchestra's music director, and implemented an ambitious program that focused on Japanese works and the pursuit of an artistic repertoire. "Symphony for Wind Orchestra / Bin Kaneda", Mr. Shimono's inaugural CD with HWO, garnered attention as a "Special Selection" by The Record Geijutsu magazine, and won the Ongaku No Tomo Sha 49th Record Academy Award for "Wind Music, Special Category". HWO has also been awarded the "23rd Academy Award, Performance Category" from the Japan Academic Society of Wind Music, the 35th Hiroshima Culture Award, and the 2014 Hiroshima Citizens' Award. With its supple and beautiful sounds, and an ambitious program, Hiroshima Wind Orchestra has garnered attention from various quarters. We will continue to take great strides that go beyond what is normally expected from a wind orchestra, leading our audiences to the discovery of new possibilities.

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