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1993〜1997 (the1st~the8th)  

1998〜2001 (the9th~the16th)  

2002〜2004 (the17th~the22nd)

2005〜2008 (the23rd~the29th)

2008〜2011 (the30th~the36th)

2012〜2015 (the37th~the43rd)   

2015〜2017 (the44th~the48th ) 

2018~           (the49th〜 )


1993〜1997 (第1回~第8回定期)

1998〜2001 (第9回~第16回定期)

2002〜2004 (第17回~第22回定期)

2005〜2008 (第23回~第29回定期)

2008〜2011 (第30回~第36回定期)

2012〜2015 (第37回~第43回定期)  

2015〜2017 (第44回〜第48回定期)

2018〜         (第49回~ )

The 1st Subscription Concert  1993.10.15.

Conductor: Hiroki Yamashiro

Overture to " Candide"(Leonard Bernstein)

" Ballet Music "from Faust (Charles François Gounod)

Armenian dances    part 1/ 2 (Alfred reed)



The 2nd Subscription Concert  1994.3.23.

Conductor: Hiroki Yamashiro

“Ruslan and Ludmila” Overture (Mikhail Ivanovich Glinka)

Ballet Music from “Coppelia”  (Léo Delibes)

Folk Dances(Dmitri Shostakovich)

The Hounds of Spring, A Concert Overture for Winds (Alfred reed)

Lincoinshire Posy ( Percy Aldridge Grainjer)



The 3rd Subscription Concert  1994.11.29.

Conductor: Kazumasa Watanabe

Ouvertüre für Harmoniemusik Op.24 (Felix Bartholdy Mendelssohn/arr.Felix Grencel )

Suite The Comedian’s Gallop ( Dmitry Kabalevsky/arr. Genban Fujita)

“Elsa's Procession to the Cathedral” from  Lohengrin (Richard Wagner/arr. Lucien Caillet)

“Subliminal Festa” for Wind Orchestra (Akira Miyoshi)

Gloriosa (Gururiyoza), Symphonic Poem for Band (Yasuhide Itou)



The 4th Subscription Concert  1995.4.13.

Conductor: Yoshihiro  Kimura

Music Hall Suite for Brass Quintet (Joseph Horovitz )

3 Improvisation for Saxophone Quartet (Phill Woods)

Chanson et Danses op.50 (Vincent d'INDY)

Ricercare a 6 from Musicale Offering BWV.1079 (Johann Sebastian Bach)

1995 All Japan Band Contest Repertoire

    Ⅰ   March “Ramesesu Ⅱ” ( Yuichi Abe) 

    Ⅱ   Spring March  ( Mika Ohishi)

    Ⅲ   The First March “Genderme” ( Yutaka Takashima)

    Ⅳ   Apple March ( Masanori Nomura)

Puszta ~Four Gipsy Dances~ (Joseph Van der Roost)


The 5th Subscription Concert  1995.12.20.

Conductor: Antonin Kühnel

Divertimento for Band, Op.42 (Vincent Persichetti)

The Garden of Proserpine (Alfred Reed)

" NIGHTMARE " Symphonic Poem (Antonin Kühnel)

"JERICHO" Rhapsody for Symphonic Band (Morton Gould)

Second Suite for Band (Alfred reed)



The 6th Subscription Concert  1996.4.20.

Conductor: Yoshihiro  Kimura

Martenizza~Spring Overture (Piet Swerts)

1996 All Japan Band Contest Repertoire

    Ⅰ “Sonata Classica” for Wind Ensemble (Yasuhide Ito)

    Ⅱ  Han-nya for Band(Kin-ya Matsu-ura)

    Ⅲ  A Chromatic Prism(Yoshio Matsuo)

    Ⅳ Far Away, Through a Vast Land (Yoichi Kamioka)

Fifth Suite for Band (Alfred Reed)



The Special Concert  1996.11.27.

Conductor: Yoshihiro  Kimura

Luisa Miller  Overture (Giuseppe Verdi/arr.Yoshihiro Kimura)

Raymonda, Op.57, “Grand pas d’action-Grand Adagio”(Alexander Glazunov/ arr.Yoshihiro Kimura) 

Fantasy on Osaka Folk Tunes(Hiroshi Ohguri)

Symphony No.1 “The Lord of the Rings” (Johon de Meij)



The 7th Subscription Concert  1997.4.19.

Conductor:Hiroshi  Hoshina

“Harlequin” An  Overture for Concert Band(Franco Cesarini)

Scotch “Strathspey and Reel” (Percy Grainger/arr.Leroy Osmon)

1997 All Japan Band Contest Repertoire

   Ⅰ  March “The Rising Sun”(Chieko Arai)

   Ⅱ  March of the Brave-hearted(Jun-ichi Naito)

   Ⅲ  Concert March “Sweet Breeze in May”(Toshio Mashima)

   Ⅳ  La Marche(Joji Inamura)

Folk Song Suite for Military Band (Ralph Vaughan Williams)

MEMOIRES (Hiroshi Hoshina)

Music for a Festival (Philip Sparke)



The 8th Subscription Concert  1997.11.27.

Conductor: Yoshihiro  Kimura

OLYMPICA" Festive Overture for Band " (Jan Van der Roost )

Three Chorale Preludes (William P. Latham )

Sinfonietta No. 2 (Philip Sparke )

Opera"I VESPRI SICILIANI" Overture (Giuseppe Verdi/ arr. Yoshihiro Kimura)

Belkis, Queen of Sheba, Ballet Suite (Ottorino Respighi /arr. Yoshihiro Kimura)