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1993〜1997 (第1回~第8回定期)

1998〜2001 (第9回~第16回定期)

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2005〜2008 (第23回~第29回定期)

2008〜2011 (第30回~第36回定期)

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2018〜         (第49回~ )


The 37th  Subscription Concert 2012.4.15.

Tatsuya Shimono’s Inaugural Concert as Music Director of 

the Hiroshima Wind Orchestra

Conductor:Tatsuya Shimono, / Music Director 

Festa [revised version](1991/2004) (Michio Kitazume)

The Origin of Water, for wind ensemble (2002) (Shin-ichiro Ikebe) Premiere

The Everlasting Trunk (2007) (Jun Nagano) 

Armenian dances    part 1/ 2 (Alfred reed)



The 38th  Subscription Concert 2012.12.2.

Conductor:Junichi  Hirogami

March op.99 (1943-44)( Sergei Prokofiev)

Reimei (1981)( Toshiro Mayuzumi)

Hina-Uta No.5 (1991) (Kiyoshige Koyama)

Armenian Rhapsody No.1 op.22 (1990) (Alexander Comitas)

Sinfonia Tapkaara (1954/1979/2004) (Akira Ifukube /arr. Toshiaki Matsuki)

Ⅰ Lento molto - Allegro

Ⅱ Adagio

Ⅲ Vivace



The 39th  Subscription Concert 2013.4.14.

20th Anniversary Concert in Tokyo formed 2013.4.21.

Conductor:Tatsuya Shimono, / Music Director 

Makiko Kinoshita: Sinfonia (1988)

Michio Kitazume: Windy Horizon – Symphonic Poem for Wind Orchestra (1985)

Hirokazu Hiraishi: Memory of Time is Reflecting (2013)  

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Hiroshima Wind Orchestra, 2013.  

Commissioned by Tetsuki Kunishio, HWO's programming adviser

David Maslanka: Symphony No.3 (1991)

     Ⅰ Moderate

     Ⅱ Slow

     Ⅲ Very Fast

     Ⅳ Lament: Moderate

     Ⅴ Lament: Moderate 


 hwo39.jpg  HWO東京公演チラシ2013.4.21.jpg

The 40th  Subscription Concert 2013.12.8.

20th Anniversary Concert

Conductor:Tatsuya Shimono, / Music Director 

Eric Whitacre: Equus (2000)

Karel Husa: Apotheosis of this Earth (1970)

Ⅰ Apotheosis

Ⅱ Tragedy of Destruction

Ⅲ Postscript

Robert Jager: Symphony No.2 “The Seal of the Three Laws” (1976)

Ⅰ Shogyo-Mujo (All Things Are Impermanent)

Ⅱ Shoho-Muga (Nothing Has An Ego)

Ⅲ Nehan-Jakujo (Nirvana Is Quiescence)

Hiroshi Hoshina: The Rebirth (2009) 




The 41th  Subscription Concert 2014.4.19.

Conductor:Tatsuya Shimono, / Music Director 

William H.Hill: Dances sacred and profane (1977)

   Ⅰ  May Dance

   Ⅱ  Dance Macabre

   Ⅲ  Estampie

Alfred Reed: Music for “Hamlet”-A Suite for Symphonic Band (1971)

   Ⅰ  Prologue: Elsinore and the Court of Claudius

   Ⅱ  Hamlet and Ophelia

   Ⅲ  Entrance of the Players

   Ⅳ  Epilogue: The Death of Hamlet

Vincent Persichetti: Masquerade for Band op.102 (1965)

James Barnes: Sixth Symphony op.130 (2008)

   Ⅰ  Andante ma non troppo

   Ⅱ  Adagio

   Ⅲ  Allegro energico



The 42nd  Subscription Concert 2014.12.6.

Conductor:Junichi  Hirogami 

Akio Yashiro:Ouverture de Fête pour Grand Orchestre d’Harmonie(1972)

Kiyoshige Koyama: Symphonic Suite “NOHMEN”for Band(arr.Takaai Ohki)(1959/94)

Alfred Reed: Russian Christmas Music for Symphonic Band

H.Owen Reed: La Fiesta MexicanaーA Mexican Folk Song Symphony for Concert Band(1949)


The 43rd Subscription Concert 2015.5.21.

Conductor:Tatsuya Shimono, / Music Director 

Bin Kaneda: Passacaglia for symphonic band (1971)

Bin Kaneda: Ballade I for symphonic band (1981)

Bin Kaneda: Ballade II for symphonic band (1982)

Bin Kaneda: Ballade III for symphonic band (1992)

Bin Kaneda: Ballade IV for wind orchestra (1997)

Bin Kaneda: Ballade V for wind orchestra (1999)